your business deserves a fast, efficient
and affordable shopping rewards program
which includes a mobile merchant platform..

customer retention starts here..

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main platform features

mobile program benefits

chain store solutions

merchant networking


logo2 mobile shopping reward

program takes your business
into a new era of customer
retention strategy through
latest trends and technology.


setup specials, offers
and promotions daily
to promote and increase

your services or products
within the shopping network.


acquire customer data

to gain more insight
into spending habits,
product related loyalty
and brand awareness.
reportsfinancialeasily manage financial
reports in the logo2 
administration panel
on business, shopper
and current totals.


see the power of
customer mobile
marketing as you
communicate directly
to their handsets. 

customer-engagedirect customer engagement
ensures that related marketing
and advertising campaigns
gets delivered to the target
market correct and on time.


easily setup and 
administer your business
and member registrations
with the easy to use 
administration dashboard.


build brand awareness
through numerous tools
of marketing & advertising
to make your brand a
household item.


apply hassle free
friction less mobile
technology in multi
locations with minimum
to no down time.


cost effective new
generation technology
sets the tone to low
budget future
hardware upgrades.


custom design &logo2

development solutions
 enables all businesses
 to create their unique
 program nationally.


take the hassle out of 
hardware acquisition
by setting up a standard
mobile multiple payment
option system. 


national store management
enables you to setup &
administer all your locations
from a central point with
ease and full control.


save cost on multi
location setup and 
administration with a 
localized operating
management system.


unique system 
development gives
you freedom to grow
your business the
way you want to !!

networkingkeep track of employee
and member activities
for multi level networking
functionality and staff
control at multiple locations.


use your national
deployment control
panel to monitor site
sales and service to
ensure optimal results.


be in charge of order
and shipping updates
by using the tracking
control panel and get
them done on time


HR and payroll
solutions are made
easy with the logo2
lifeline management

and payment function.


use the shopping
brand to further and
expand your personal
network across towns,
cities and countries.

shopping rewards starts here!!
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